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  Handgun Training  

Handgun Courses

We teach, and you learn through positive feedback which builds self-confidence.  We believe that you should not only develop good shooting skills, but the confidence to apply those skills in a self-defense scenario, if the need arises.  

Gray Ops provides you a wide variety of handgun training courses.
After completing each level you'll continue to solidify your foundation in gun handling and marksmanship skills, through our Fundamental, Intermediate, Skill Builder, and Advanced Handgun Training.

For detailed class description see the links to the left for each level we offer.

Our Fundamental/Intermediate Handgun Classes are accepted by San Joaquin, Sacramento & El Dorado Counties, and the Cities of Stockton & Ripon to provide instruction for California's initial CCW training, CCW requalification training and weapon addition qualification for your permit.  


Handgun Training Packages are multiple class packages.  Please use the left menu selection for detailed descriptions of ALL Classes 

Handgun Training Package I
This package includes our
Fundamental-Intermediate Handgun Course
Handgun Skill Builder

Save $70          Only $550

Handgun Training Package II
This package includes our
Handgun Training Package I
Advanced Handgun

Save $120          Only $825

Handgun Training Package III

This package is designed for those who've already attended our
 Fundamental-Intermediate Handgun

Skill Builder
Advanced Handgun

Save $100          Only $550
Training Dates will be scheduled personally with you.  Only classes with open seats can be filled, please check our
Training Calender of open training classes.
Cancellation / Refund Policy: To receive a refund, less a 50% tuition penalty, notify Gray Ops in writing at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the start of the training program. A full tuition penalty is charged for unattended courses, or courses canceled less than 7 days prior to their start date. Gray Ops will allow a one (1) time roll over to another course, to include the tuition penalty.  If a class is rolled over, failure to attend will result in a full tuition forfeiture.

Eligibility:  Open Enrollment Courses are available to all qualified who can legally own and/or possess firearms within the State of California.  To qualify you cannot have been convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, and not under any criminal indictment that would legally prevent you from receiving this training.

GRAY OPS 2017 Handgun Training Package Order Form
Please select the Handgun Training Package you’re interested in attending. Early registration guaranties your seat. Course dates will be determined by available classes. I understand that my training course fee is non-transferable and a 50% tuition penalty is charged if I cancel the training.

Quantity Description Price
Handgun Training Package I $550.00
Handgun Training Package II $825.00
Handgun Training Package III $550.00
Thank you for signing up for a Gray Ops Handgun Training Package! You will be receiving additional information shortly to set-up course dates related to the course(s) you've signed up for. By pressing the "Continue" button I'm acknowledging I've read and understand Gray Ops Cancellation / Refund Policy.

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