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 Advanced Tactical Handgun

It was a excellent course Gordon! I learned a lot from your instruction. Thanks for having us out. Looking forward to carbine 2.5 and Precision Rifle now.

Josh Iris
Stockton, CA

Fundamental Tactical Handgun
[January 7, 2012] 

This was my first training class with Gray Ops.  Registering for class involved a click-here-to-pay on the website, followed by filling out a waiver and other forms.

The instructors arrived early to set up as the students showed up. Class started on time.  Training was run in a very safe manner, starting from the very start. The instructor to student ratio allowed them to really keep an eye on everyone.

The experience level of the students ran from zero too experienced and everything in between. The instructors did a fantastic job putting attention where it was needed during drills and periods of instruction. 

My buddy that came to class with me was a first timer, and really got dialed in fast. By the end of class, his groups were small and tight, his posture and grip were good to go, and he settled in. For me, I was able to pick up a few new things that helped my shooting out quite a bit as well.

For a basics class, it was very no-nonsense and comprehensive. Everyone had a great time despite the wind kicking up. It was a bummer that class ended when it did, but that was due to the ranges hours.  All in all, great training, two thumbs up.

Intermediate Tactical Handgun
[January 8, 2012] 

This was my second training class with Gray Ops that was a follow-up to the Fundamental Class the day before.  By taking the Fundamental class the day before as a package deal, I was able to save $70...an incredibly good deal.

The instructors had the range set up as the students showed up. Class started on time.  This class had a total of 4 instructors for 21 students that all had experience shooting, the Student/Instructor ratio was Outstanding!

Not everyone in this class was in class the day before.  Many students were experienced but very rusty.  Others were there to tune up their skills.  Regardless, we started out with safe handling instruction, exactly the same as the Fundamental Class. Probably the first 2 hours of instruction and drills were the same as in the Fundamental Course, at first I was worried that it would be too redundant, but things quickly went into a higher gear after we worked on the basics.  It was a very good class for those breaking off the rust, and folks dialed in pretty quickly.

All of the drills built on the skills from the previous ones, and the one-on-one tuning done by the instructors helped with correcting issues. These drills were shown in a very common sense way without being "fancy".  The sense was that of "Here's stuff that just works," and once tried, it was self evident.

The only problem was that class ended too soon, again. However, that's a feature of the range, not the class.  There was never a dull moment, all of the students were engaged at all times. Even on the water break, students would get instruction and questions answered.  At one point, Pat gave a talk about handling wearing a holstered weapon in a day-to-day scenario that involved normal activities... like having to take a leak. What to do, what not to do.

All in all, even better training, two thumbs up.  I'll certainly be back for the advanced class, and to repeat the Fundamental and Intermediate classes again with my wife.

It was refreshing to receive excellent training that wasn't dumb'd down at all.  Even though there were very novice shooters, the same instruction worked for them, and they just received a little more attention from the instructors.

Jason Roybal
Santa Clara, CA  

Fundamental Tactical Handgun

Excellent class. No nonsense. I learned methods to handle the gun, 
and you guys dialed me in on my shooting. I'm very happy with the results. I couldn't believe the difference from the start of class to the end. A very well designed class.

Gotta remember to lock my arms, which goes against several years of martial arts practice. You never lock your arms.  

I have some practicing to do to get what I learned down, after that, I'll be taking the advanced class.  


Mark Sompel
San Francisco, CA

Intermediate Tactical Handgun

A few months ago I took a Defensive Shotgun course with Pat Deasy as our instructor.  It was through that first course that I decided to take more courses with GrayOps and continue to enhance my gun handling abilities. 

Fast forward to the Intermediate Handgun Course.  The course was very well organized, especially with the fact that we had a very large class.  Regardless of the size, the instructors were still able to give us 1 on 1 feedback after each drill, offering advice and tips on what to work on for next time.  The drills were awesome, we did plenty of different types of them, from shooting on one knee, shooting behind barriers, to shooting while moving.  Like I said before, after each drill we would receive feedback to help better our techniques.  I look forward to taking many more courses with GrayOps, and because of them, my confidence as a shooter has increased greatly.  I now sport your GrayOps patch on my jacket, as a sign of pride and confidence.  

To be able to take a course not knowing to expect, and to be able to leave with a huge chunk of information, is what GrayOps accomplished, information that one day just might end up saving our lives. 

- Aris M. Leano 
San Bruno, CA

Fundamental/Intermediate Tactical Handgun:
[9-3/4-2011 Course(s)]
When my buddy and I initially signed up for the handgun courses it was under Stone Cobra Tactical (SCT).  Due to unforseen circumstances we were forced to reschedule our class date from April to September.  However, during the summer we were informed that SCT would be shutting it's doors.  Our class in September would no longer be taking place.  One can imagine the tremendous amount of disappointment we were coming to grips with after receiving that news.  
Rather than being out the money, Gordon contacted me to let me know that the course was still going to take place, rain or shine.  He had started his own company, Gray Ops.  Cool thing about this new company was that all previous applicants that had already paid for their cancelled SCT courses would be able to take the Gray Ops course at no charge.  
After taking last weekend's handgun training courses, (9-3/4-11), I realized it was more than what I had anticipated.  I grew up shooting guns, almost felt as if there was not much more to be taught.  Not only did I learn a variety of new techniques but I learned something about myself.  I was not ready for what could happen...at least not until after I took this course.  I feel confident in the training I experienced.  
This company is not only talented with great instructors, this is a company that has something no one else can provide.  They have a vision.  That vision consists of pride in what they do, confidence in what they teach, and more importantly they have my respect.  To me Gray Ops is more than a few guys who banded to together to form a company.  To me Gray Ops is a brand.  A brand to take pride in.  A brand that can be trusted.

 -Marcus Milani
Stockton, CA

Fundamental Handgun: 

I had the good fortune to be able to attend my first tactical pistol class, and I'm happy to say that going was a stroke of genius on my part, well not exactly, just checking out the threads and reading what others were saying gave me the confidence to go ahead and send my money and reserve my spot in the Fundamental Pistol class.

The 1 1/2 hour drive gave me plenty of time to go through all the scenarios in my head on what to expect, 'gruff mean ex cops and black-ops guys waiting to laugh at my poor shooting habits" or "Big ex Marines who stare you down and make you wonder why your there" or worse a bunch of guys who didn't know what they were doing" to say I had my reservations is an understatement. 

Well happy to say nothing could be further from the truth, when I arrived I was greeted by Gordon Gray, he made me feel welcome right off the bat.  Once everyone arrived we meet our Lead Instructor Pat Deasy, after a short safety discussion and a Q&A session it was off to the firing line for some basic draw from holster instruction I'm sure some would find this old hat but I think everyone learned something . I know I did, but most of all they made it light and fun while at the same time driving home the importance of what they were instructing us to do the "how and why" was always there. 

After some dry fire drills and a quick lunch break it was time for the good stuff. We went live, Pat and Gordon took us through our paces, challenged us and corrected us when needed, I never felt intimidated at any time I always felt comfortable, we started class shooting 8 inch circle targets, and feeling lucky to be getting all the shots on target and by the end of class we were dropping multiple shots onto spots no bigger than a quarter. 

Now I have a long way to go, lots of practice ahead of me. But Thanks to Pat Deasy, Gordon Gray and the training provided I have a better understanding of my firearm and of my abilities in the use of arms. 

I had a great day, meet some great people and got to shoot my gun. Was it worth it? Every penny can't wait to do it again.  I also found, they have a very reasonable cost for their classes. We even got a very cool hat and Certificate of Completion when class was done.

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