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Carbine Skill Builder
Yet another excellent fast passed course from Gray Ops.  I left a few bad habits on the range and picked up some better ones to take with me.  I also really like Greg, he brings another dynamic to the range and is a excellent instructor as well. Highly recommended school for sure. See you at the Advanced carbine for sure.  

Josh Iris

Stockton, CA  

Fundamental/Transitional Tactical Carbine:
[9-10/11-2011 Course(s)]
Thank you for the valuable carbine training over the weekend.  You made it possible for me by going above and beyond and offering me the training even though I had signed up for similar classes and made payment to another training company you used to work for.  When that company closed its doors before I had a chance to take the classes, I thought I was out of luck.  

Your training stressed the golden safety rules at all times, and, under that type of safe environment, I got a real education about a tool that is relatively new to me.  I can see the value and benefit in all the skills and lessons you taught us over the weekend, and I feel much more confident with my carbine.  Thanks again and I'm looking forward to more classes with you and Gray Ops Specialty Firearms Training.

Sacramento, CA

Tactical Fundamental and Transitional Carbine

I attended Fundamental and Transitional Carbine classes back to back on a weekend, with no recommendations or referrals I decided to put my money down and give it a shot. From the word go I could tell right away that all the instructors were very knowledgeable and most importantly created a comfortable and open learning environment. In the reviews I've seen a lot of people list what they brought and what they had on their carbine but I think the important thing is to bring a good attitude and open mind, get a good night’s sleep and prepare to be switched on the whole time you are on the range. As far as gear just bring what you are comfortable with and maybe a few different options as far as what you wear or how you carry your gear, for as you work throughout the day you may want to refine the way you do things. I will tell you this you WILL learn what works and what don’t once you get out there.

Fundamental Carbine is just that, they start right with the fundamentals of the AR based carbine and takes you through the history, development and internal workings, if you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner having a good foundation can make the difference between a great shooter or a good one and the guys know this. Before anyone started shooting, safety is emphasized and then gone over again; all of the instructors are seasoned veterans in their respective fields and make sure that everyone there is on their toes at all times to ensure no accidents happen. As far as the actual shooting is concerned I would be hard pressed to recount all of the various drills that we were taken through on day one, after we had zeroed are rifles we got right into it and never let up till it was time to go, and believe me when that time comes you don’t want to.

Transitional Carbine, Wow, what can I say about this day? From the time we walked on the range it was on. This is the day you start putting it all together and building on all that was learned in Fundamental Carbine, in addition to the new things that you will learn throughout the day. Remember what I said about being switched on? Well make sure you bring it to this class because you will need to be focused and ready. From transition drills to shooting from awkward positions, shooting on the move and more, if are reading this and don’t take this class, shame on if you if you aren’t signing up now.

I wanted to make this review short and to the point because that’s the kind of guy I am but the bottom line about the instructors, Gordon and Greg are all highly trained knowledgeable instructors whom all have practiced what they teach in real life situations. They create a comfortable relaxed (but not too relaxed) learning environment that lends itself to picking up new skills and building on them in a short period of time AND they are all great guys on top of it all. I really can’t say enough about all of them and my experience learning from them. I was lucky enough to stumble on them and take two classes while passing through for work, all of you who live in the area should take advantage of this gem of a school and the resources that these men can bring you and consider yourselves lucky to have them in your backyard.

 Mark LeClaire,
St. Petersburg, Florida

Introduction to Handgun/Carbine:

I finally was able to come out to a course and it was nothing but pure awesome! Instructor Gordon Gray was a very safe and informational instructor, who gives the pros and cons about different systems and tactics.  Gordon pushes the student to understand why by putting the information learned into action.  My groupings with my .40cal S&W went from a horrifying 8-10 inch spread on the lower left of the target, to a 3-inch spread inside a 6 inch circle in a matter of minutes after Gordon's teachings were used.  I definitely recommend this training course to anyone that owns a carbine/handgun/shotgun.  I came to this course with an open mind and left with even more tools for my toolbox!!!

Thank you Gordon Gray!

Randy Anacleto


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