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Welcome to: 

Gray Ops FireArms Specialty Training

Tactical Firearms Training

Handgun - Carbine - Shotgun
Precision Rifle - CCW

Our primary mission is to teach the safe and effective use of firearms.  All manner of classes are offered to civilians as well as law enforcement and government employees.

Without Training You Are Just Pretending

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Gray Ops FireArms Specialty Training


Updated: 20 Nov 2014

Gift Certificates Available

Wondering what to give that special person in your life? 
How about a gift that will prepare them to use their defensive firearm.
Give a gift of Training
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2015 Training Dates & Calendar Now Posted

Ladies Pistol Night - Thursday Evenings

Gray Ops is teaming up with San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range offering on Thursday evenings Ladies Pistol Training from 5:30PM - 7:30PM 
Check-in begins at 5PM

Ladies Pistol I - 1st Thursday of Every Month
Safety briefing
begins promptly 

5:30PM for all shooters.  Rain or shine, light or dark: we'll have classroom instruction, as well as low-light training provided.

Who: All the Ladies interested who own their own firearm. If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Youth will be evaluated on their maturity and physical strength to ensure safe operation of a firearm. 

Cost: $20 per/person early registration: by the Thursday before (1 week prior) scheduled meet date.
$25 per/person on site registration the day of the training.  All sign-up are being handled by San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range.  For additional information and to register please click on the 'Sign Up' tab. 

Ammo: We suggest bringing 100 rounds of your caliber on every night you attend.
Future Dates:


Ladies Pistol II - 2nd Thursday of Every Month

Do to the high demand for this training Gray Ops and San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range have added a second training evening to begin where Level I left off.  After the Safety Brief, we'll begin with a quick reminder of the shooting fundamentals, continuing forward with several different drills to reinforce the importance of building a strong foundation incorporating all the fundamentals.  Specifically working on sight alignment and controlling one's trigger.  Moving forward with additional magazine changes and finishing up the evening with malfunction identification and clearance methods.
Prerequisite: Must of attended a Ladies I Course Prior. 

Cost: Only $20 if you preregister, $25 at the door.

Time: Registration 5 - 5:30PM - Class Begins Promptly at 5:30 to 7:30


Future Dates:



Ladies Pistol III - 3rd Thursday of Every Month

We've expanded this program to include this Level III Course, the prerequisite to attend this evening of fun and adventure is having attended the Level II Class.  We'll begin where Level II ended.  Following the Safety Brief, we'll begin with a quick reminder of what's been covered in Level I & Level II, enduring the shooting fundamentals, progressing onward with multiple drills to strengthen and reinforce the fundamentals already learned.  We'd like to start incorporating holster work into this level and we'll begin to identify malfunction's and clearance methods.

Prerequisite: Attendance of a Ladies II Course Prior. 

Cost: Only $20 if you preregister, $25 at the door.
Need Equipment:
- Outside, Belt attached Holster for your Handgun & Magazine Pouches.
- It is strongly advised to have a minimum of 3 Magazines.

Time: Registration 5 - 5:30PM - Class Begins Promptly at 5:30 to 7:30

Future Dates:



Low Light ~ No Light Training Classes
Location: San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range
Cost: $175
2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
No Light/Low Light Training Course I
February 28, 2015 
No Light/Low Light Training Course II
March 28, 2015
Own the Night!

 Open Enrollment Classes
Handgun Courses: Held Every Odd Month
(Sorry January Fund-Int are now FULL)
Fundamental Handgun - March 21, 2015
Intermediate Handgun - March 22, 2015
Carbine Courses: Held Every Even Month
Fundamental Carbine - February 7, 2015
Intermediate Carbine - February 8, 2015

Take advantage of our Combo Packages
Fundamental/Intermediate Handgun & Fundamental/Intermediate Carbine
and save $75 off individual class Tuition.
Women's Only Handgun:
January 24, 2015 (San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol)
March 7, 2015 (Sac Valley)
Shotgun Courses:
Defensive Shotgun - February 21, 2015
Precision Rifle:
March 14-15, 2015
Carbine Course Changes:  In an effort to continually evolve and
bring our students the most advanced and up to date training
we have changed our Carbine Training Format.  
We've moved 'handgun transitions' to our Carbine Skill Builder

CCW Training Update:
Gray Ops is proud to announce we are now certified/approved for
San Joaquin County CCW Training!

Now Featuring:
 9mm - 40 S&W - 45acp
Factory Reloads



"When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has past"
~ Lt. Col. Grossman

Thanks for visiting!

We hope you can find everything you need related to firearms training.  Gray Ops is focused on proving high-quality tactical firearms training with student satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations.  All of our instructors have law enforcement backgrounds with SWAT experience, learn from cutting edge trainers.  

We offer small classes, with a minimum of a 1 to 5 instructor ratio to provide the most of your experience.  You will not get lost in a crowd.

With a variety of classes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the training, advice, and camaraderie you’ll receive.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or question, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again!  Check back later for new updates to our website.  There’s much more to come!

"Head-up - Eyes-up - Gun-up"

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” 
~ Wyatt Earp


~ GOFAST 1 ~

GOFAST 1 is an acronym for Gray Ops FireArms Specialty Training

Gray: Gray is an intermediate color between black and white. Gray is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color "without color."

Short for Operations; an act or instance, process or manner of functioning or operating.  The state of being operative (usually preceding by in or into); the power to act; efficacy, influence, or force. The exertion of force, power, or influence.

FireArms: A firearm is a weapon which projects either single or multiple projectiles at high velocity through rapid, confined burning of a propellant. 

Specialty: A special or distinctive quality, mark, state, or condition.  A special subject of study, line of work, area of interest, or the like: "His specialty is firearms training."

Training: The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

1* (One-Asterisk) [Ass-to-risk]: Is meant to indicate that a Police Officer or Soldier has only one ass-to-risk for his Community and our Country.  However, we at Gray Ops believe all Citizens have the responsibility in our current society to maintain our ability to preserve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Justice within their legal ability and you only have One-Asterisk as well...

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

 John 15:13


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